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Welcome to the 2013 BAA Moot Wiki - (Moot? What's That?)

For the second year and in the proud tradition of APL Mooting from Ray Cannon's legendary early moots via Paul Mansour's Kefalonian & Tuscan extravaganzas to Stephen Taylor's inspired Iverson College in Cambridge we bring you the 2013 BAA AGM & Moot to be held at the YHA Lee Valley Youth Hostel, Cheshunt, on Friday-Sunday, 17-19 May. About the venue. How to get there. How to book.

The event will start around lunchtime Friday with the AGM at 14.30 followed by a free Barbecue for AGM attendees (courtesy of our sponsors) with the moot continuing into the evening, all Saturday and 'til 16.00 on Sunday.

We hope existing and new members, users of APL, J, K and Q, will come along bringing ideas, demos, stories, games and work. There will be one or two presentations at the AGM but time will also be allocated for plenary sessions during the moot for presentations or discussions.

We and our sponsors look forward to seeing you there.

A warm welcome

A warm welcome

The list of participants is available on CountMeIn.

If there is anything you want to know but can't find in these pages then please post questions on the InfoPlease page or mail PhilLast. Please feel free to add a page under YourName to tell us what you hope to teach or learn from the moot.

For discussions about topics already suggested see CategoryTopics2013. Please add your own suggestions as new pages and add CategoryTopics2013 at the bottom to include it in the category.

Interested in the history? See Moot2012 and CategoryTopics2012.

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